Smooth Transition From Puppy to Adult Dog Food

puppy to adult dog food

The food you give your little pets, is the most important determinant of their health and growth. The quantity and quality of food you purchase at every stage of your pup’s growth, is extremely important. When you realize that your pup is growing fast, you must take the initiative to facilitate this transition from puppy to adult dog food.

Puppies begin receding from drinking their mother’s milk. Now, it is essential to provide them with the adequate and appropriate ‘growth foods’. It is because they contain high levels of calcium, protein and calories. Moreover, this is essential for your little ones at that stage. This lasts for the first six to eight months from the puppy’s birth.

It is important to keep in mind that the age of maturity of different breeds of dogs vary. Note that, the small breed pups mature by their thirteenth month. Whereas, the larger breeds take more than fourteen to sixteen months. Giant breed dogs may take two years to obtain their maximum growth and maturity. However, this is a standard rate that is not compulsive. It is because genes and other factors might alter the rate of growth as well.

Ideally, when your pups reach about 90% of their overall ‘big dog’ or adult weight, you can switch from puppy to adult dog food. This is the most convenient and advisable time to begin for the pet food transition.

Obesity is a huge concern among all pet owners. Therefore, it is essential for you to consult experts to decide the amount of dog food you should provide. Remember that, this amount differs with respect to all factors such as age and breed. Moreover, the transition from puppy to adult dog food must be carried out gradually. Additionally, make sure that it does not end up being too heavy for the pets. Note that, this can lead to gastrointestinal issues.

We offer a variety of puppy food as well as adult dog food. Additionally, pet foods in our stock holds high nutritional value, and are affordable as well. Again note that, puppy food and adult dog food contain different constitutional values of calcium, protein and nutrition. All holds nutritional values with respect to the level required by your dog at each stage of growth. While still in the first year of growth, puppies require a high intake of protein as this is the key developmental stage in their lives. Any compromise on their diets at this point, can lead to lifelong health and immunity problems.

Pet owners often tend to take the diets of their elder dogs for granted, as they reach their growth potential. However, this is the time you must ensure stability in their balanced meals as any downgrade from the quality of their existing meals, might lead to stomach aces and distress. The products we offer are selected to cater to these specific nutritional needs of your pups as well as elder dogs, as age can never be a distinguishing factor for healthy pet growth and living.

The products offered by us are put together, keeping in key focus, the health, and wellbeing of your fluffy pals. We also offer the service of our highly trained veterinarians who offer top quality and prompt aid, whenever you need, so your pet is fit and healthy at all times. We understand the importance of the life and health of your pet babies and strive towards keeping all requirements and needs related to the same, always fulfilled.

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