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Whiskee Pet Zone has the answer for all your questions related to Pet Food and Accessories. We will help you in your Pet Parenting & pamper them effectively. If you are not able to find answers to your questions related to Pet Foods and Accessories Store, reach out to our physical store, or search your requirement online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whiskee Pet Zone accepts payments at the time of checkout via UPI, Debit Cards, Credit Cards or Netbanking. However, customers can choose to pay for their orders at the time of delivery by opting for Cash on Delivery at the time of checkout from our online Pet Foods and Accessories Store.

No, we do not sell pets. Although, we do offer a wide variety of pet products for your dogs, kittens or birds, yet, we do not engage in the sale of any animal.

Beside the details of each product, you will find a link to the respective size chart. Simply choose the appropriate size of the item you intend on purchasing, keeping in mind the measurements mentioned in the size chart.

Once you place your order, it is usually dispatched within the next twenty four hours. Furthermore, depending on your location, shipping and delivery might take up to 7-10 days.

Are all human foods healthy? Obviously not. A manufacturer may add junk and filler ingredients to the recipe in order to reduce the price of the food. Therefore, better than non-whole grains are those that are whole. Moreover, the quality of the protein varies depending on the source. Your dog will feel full after eating some protein, and good protein will give your dog energy for both the muscles and the brain. Additionally, your dog’s body will absorb high-quality protein slowly, giving them long-lasting energy. However, at Whiskee Pet Zone, we ensure that you get the best for your dog.

A cat owner can benefit from a variety of factors, including improved grooming techniques and litter systems that reduce airborne dust. Additionally, purchasing a cat-friendly bed can assist to keep your sleeping areas of your family member free of the cat and its dander. Therefore, get all the necessary items from a leading Pet Foods and Accessories Store like Whiskee Pet Zone.

With a raw food diet, cats consume uncooked, complete small creatures like rodents, birds, and fish, much like they would in the wild. This kind of natural diet is ideal for many cats. However, we advise a branded raw diet over a homemade raw diet to avoid the risk of contamination and the capacity of a commercial brand to give the ideal balance of meat, fat, cartilage, and organs. Moreover, we can give you more information about raw food diets if you stop by our Pet Foods and Accessories Store or send us an email right away.

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