Cats are Lucky – Believe It!


Were you moving out for your special day and a black cat crossed your path? 

What was your immediate reaction to this?

Most of us would stop right there and pray to all the deities we believe in, so that our work is not hampered due to this sudden occurrence of the black cat. It is also seen that many of us instantly utter bad words for the cat who unintentionally crossed the road. 

Let us break the ice here! There is nothing bad a cat can do in your journey of life and neither are they unlucky.

We get the confidence in claiming this because since ages, cats have been considered to be a lucky charm across cultures and civilization of the world. Let us share few most interesting facts on this – 

  • Bastet, the goddess of joy, love, protection, dance, music, and, of course, cats, was an Ancient Egyptian goddess who resembled a cat. Cats were regarded as her sacred animal in ancient Egypt, where they were very popular.
  • If you have a black cat in your house in Yorkshire, Britain, it will bring you good luck and ensure the safe return of fishermen from the sea.
  • Seeing a black cat or a sneezing cat on your wedding day is considered lucky.
  • Freyja was the goddess of fertility, love, combat, and death, and was the most well-known of the Norse deities. Farmers offered offerings for the cats to ensure a bountiful harvest, and she rode in a chariot drawn by cats.
  • Muhammed had a pet tabby cat named Muezza, and Muhammad outlawed the killing and persecution of cats, according to Hadith (a chronicle of Muhammad’s deeds and sayings).
  • A popular American folklore holds that dreaming of a white cat brings good fortune.
  • A strange black cat on your porch is said to bring fortune in Scotland.
  • A sneezing cat, according to an Italian belief, is a good sign for everyone who hears it.
  • One-eyed cats and wishes are a popular American folklore. Spit on your thumb and stamp it in the palm of your hand if you encounter a one-eyed cat. Then, if you make a wish, it will be granted.
  • According to a Chinese saying, a cat brings good fortune to its owner. “Black cat or white cat, if it can catch mice, it’s a nice cat,” states a Chinese adage.
  • Dogs may be beautiful prose, but only the cat is poetry, according to a French proverb.
  • In India, cats are said to be magical and bring good luck. According to one myth, if you kill a cat, you must sacrifice a cat made in gold to a priest in a temple.


Now let us take a glance at one of our analyses. Across the world, there are 373 million pet cats. Talking about pet dogs, it is 471 million. We always speak of dogs as “man’s best friend”, whereas, many treat cats to be unlucky. But these figures are unable to justify this belief. The ratio of pet cats to that of pet dogs is approximately 5:6. 

Cats are cute little creatures which adds on to the beauty and luck of a family. They also deserve love and care and can grow as an integral part of a family. If you are also a cat lover and have the little member already in your house, we can help you with VET recommended meals for them. Whiskee Pet Zone also deals in a wide variety of pet accessories for cats. You may also reach us out for Online VET Consultation.

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