Similar to human beings, pets too confront different health problems periodically. The cause of these issues vary, just as their intensities. It is vital for you to engage with forums that not only educate you about such issues, but also help you resolve them immediately. This article intends to educate you with the most common pet health issues that you may face in your pet’s upbringing.


One of the most common problems pet owners face with respect to their babies, is obesity. The subsequent effects of obesity can sometimes turn out fatal for little ones. Overweight dogs suffer greatly from mild or severe lung or heart diseases eventually. After a while, it becomes tough for their limbs to cope with the weight of their bodies. This pushes them into developing juvenile or arthritis, depending upon the age of the pup. It is important to make sure you follow a routine while feeding your kitties or puppies, and not give them food every time their bowls are empty.

Whiskee Pet Zone provides dog and cat food with industry standard measurements. This is to ensure that your precious pets have a healthy diet plan and do not suffer from any inclinations towards obesity. Older kittens as well are often susceptible to various degenerative joint diseases. Regular and frequent exercise is an absolute must as well, to make sure your dogs remain fit and healthy.


Oftentimes, pets suffer from various kinds of allergies as well. The cause of these allergies may originate either as a side effect from some unsuitable food or treat intake. Additionally, it can be from external factors such as weather and environment fluctuations. You must be prompt to note and consult a vet for any symptoms of vomiting, abnormal behavior or rashes. Whiskee Pet Zone has a team of expert veterinarians who offer their service online, so you can avail prompt resolution of any such issues.

Parasitic Contamination

Many a times you might notice your little ones vigorously and consistently scratching themselves. Please take these symptoms seriously as they might be a result of some grave primary issues such as allergies, parasites or other skin infections. Treat inflammation, scabs and abnormalities in and around the region immediately. This will help your fluffy buddy to get rid of any irritation and disease.


There might be instances where you find your dog wheezing or finding it difficult to breathe. This may either be due to some infection, or due to a foreign object being stuck in their throats. You must contact a professional immediately as breathlessness needs to be treated as soon as possible and with utmost care.

Dental Ailments

Dental hygiene and health is often ignored by many pet owners. Lack of attention to their oral hygiene, might cause bacterial infections and subsequent problems.

Bacterial & Viral Infections

Due to seasonal changes and contagious bacteria and viruses in the air, your pets may contract infections. Most of these infections are when they are out for a walk or if they come in contact with a dog having the infection. Viral and bacterial infections are one of the most dangerous illnesses to embody. Moreover, any delay in diagnosis and treatment can lead to fatal results.

The rate of adoption of puppies has increased drastically in the past few years. However, pet parents must learn about the various ups and downs in the upbringing of their little pup. Obviously, it is adorable and heartwarming to have a new little mutt in your home. But, the responsibility of its grooming and maintaining is not less than parenting a human child. It must not be taken trivially, as the life of an entire being, lies in your hands.

You need not hesitate to reach out to our team of veterinarians online, on the Whiskee Pet Zone. Our team will immediately observe and diagnose your pet’s health and offer remedies accordingly.