Drools Absolute Calcium Syrup – 300ml


  • Enriched with an optimum amount of calcium and phosphorus for a healthy skeletal system.
  • The highly palatable thick syrup keeps the pet active and promotes joint health.
  • Essential ingredients blended with other nutrients help to maintain strong teeth.
  • Its easy administration relieves you and makes it an excellent choice for fussy eaters
  • Weight – 300 ml
  • It enriched with the optimum ratio of calcium to phosphorus for a healthy skeletal system
  • It is highly palatable, and also promotes joint health, and helps in keeping your dog active
  • Essential ingredients blended with other nutrients helps in maintaining stronger bones and teeth
  • Administration of this dog supplement is easy hence pet parents of fussy eaters feel relaxed
  • Active and agile : Your pet may suffer from weakness that causes painful bone deformities without an adequate amount of calcium. The Absolute Calcium Syrup enriched with Calcium and Phosphorous promotes bone health and helps to makes your pet active and strong.
  • Calcium requirement is higher for female dogs in the last trimester of pregnancy. It is also essential for lactating or nursing dogs with a large litter of puppies.
  • Calcium Deficiency : Calcium deficiency results in weakness, fatigue and tremors. A proper balance of calcium and phosphorus helps to support healthy bone growth and development of your dog. Enriched with essential ingredients it maintains the dental health of your pet.
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