Beaphar Dog Shampoo for White Coat 250ml


  • FOR SHINIER WHITE & LIGHT COATS- Beaphar White Coat dog Shampoo is ideal for white and light coloured coats
  • REDUCES HAIR SHEDDING- One of the many benefits of aloe vera dog shampoo also helps in reducing the shedding of hairs as its chemical make up is similar to keratin (Primary protein of hair).
  • GIVES BEAUTIFUL SHEEN- This dog shampoo contains Cocamide MEA that gives the great condition, full body and sheen to the coat.
  • FOR FLUFFY COAT- This dog shampoo treats frizz and nourishes the hair follicles, which in turn fight off hair loss and brittle strands that leaves a fluffy coat.
  • WITH THE BENEFITS OF ALOE VERA- This dog shampoo comes with the benefits of Aloe Vera. It contains proteolytic enzymes which repair dead skin cells on the scalp. It also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your pet’s hair all smooth and shiny.


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Product Description

  • Product Benefits Smoothening,Nourishing,Moisturizing,Condition
  • Item Form Liquid Liquid
  • Volume 250 Milliliters
  • Special Ingredients All Natural Target Species Small Breed Dog, Large Breed Dog

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Beaphar Pet Products and Shampoos contains aloe Vera to help skin stay naturally moisturized. The dog will have a well-groomed appearance and a sleek, detangled coat. Since the shampoo has a neutral pH, it can be used on even the most delicate skin. Apply lukewarm water to the coat. Till it lathers, massage the shampoo into the coat. Wait for two to three minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Pick up your product from our online store.


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