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Royal Canin Satiety Weight Management Adult Dog Dry Food

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Royalcanin Satiety Weight Management Veterinary dog food

Original price was: ₹ 1,830.00.Current price is: ₹ 1,647.00.

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Product Description

ROYAL CANIN® Satiety Weight Management is scientifically designed for safe and effective weight loss and long-term weight management in cats. The steatogenic impact of the specific fiber blend minimizes food consumption and unpleasant begging behavior. This encourages weight loss as well as long-term weight management. Recommended for weight loss and weight maintenance in the following conditions: Obesity, Overweight/Obesity, Stabilized Diabetes Mellitus with overweight/obesity, Hyperlipidemia with overweight/obesity. Cats with a history of constipation in reaction to a high fiber diet, growth, gestation, and lactation are not recommended. This diet is full and balanced, and it can be fed for an extended period of time. A veterinarian should do a comprehensive health check every 6 months.

Key Features :

Effective Weight Management: Allows for safe weight loss while preventing weight return. In three months, 97% of cats dropped weight.
Controlling Begging: The high natural fiber content keeps cats satisfied between meals. Controls begging in 82% of cats who are losing weight.
Muscle Mass Preservation: A high protein concentration promotes healthy weight loss while preserving muscle mass.
S/O Index: This product produces an adverse environment in the urine for the formation of calcium oxalate and struvite uroliths.

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1 review for Royal Canin Satiety Weight Management Adult Dog Dry Food

  1. Nisha

    good food

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