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Pedigree Professional Active Adult Dog Food

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  • Pedigree Professional Range adult dog food fulfills the special needs of your dog.
  • The range provides expert nutrition combining high quality ingredients with the science developed by our veterinarians and nutritionists at WALTHAM- the world’s leading authority on pet care and nutrition.


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Product Description

Depending on their height and weight, different dog breeds have varying nutritional requirements. Breeds of energetic adult dogs like the German Shepard, Labrador, Dobermann, and St. Bernard grow more quickly and need more energy to be active all day. Proteins and Omega fatty acids are present in Pedigree Professional Active Adult Dog Food for alertness and agility, natural antioxidants and high-quality proteins are there for healthy muscles, and prebiotics (MOS) are present to support digestive health.

Features of Pedigree Professional Active Adult Dog Food:

  • Professional Dog food for highly active large-breed adult Dogs.
  • Proteins and Omega fatty acids provide alertness and agility to adult Dogs.
  • Natural antioxidants & quality proteins provide healthy muscles.
  • Prebiotics (MOS) help promotes Digestive health in Dogs.
  • Ideal for Dogs from 18 months onwards.

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The Pedigree brand offers treats and snacks in addition to dry and canned foods. In and of itself, Pedigree Pet Food is a complete meal. All you need to do is provide your pets with clean, fresh water with each meal. Buy Pedigree Pet Food Online from Whiskee Pet Zone to offer your pets with complete and balanced diet.

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