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Farmina VetLife Obesity Dog Dry Food

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Farmina Vet Life obesity Canine Formula (Dog)


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Product Description

Farmina Vetlife Obesity Dog Dry Food is a specialized veterinary diet designed to help manage and support weight loss in overweight or obese dogs. This dry dog food is made to help dogs achieve and keep a healthy weight while offering balanced nutrition.Farmina VetLife Obesity Dog Dry Food’s emphasis on weight control is one of its main advantages. Dogs need a calorie deficit in order to gradually lose excess weight in a safe and healthful way, and this is made possible by the controlled calorie content. This formula helps lower the risk of obesity-related health problems and improve general well-being by encouraging weight loss.

Another benefit of Farmina VetLife Obesity Dog Dry Food is its low fat content. It ensures that dogs get the vital nutrients they require while helping to restrict calorie intake. This formula helps maintain and increase lean body mass, which is crucial for optimum health, by reducing fat accumulation.An essential component of this particular diet is balanced nutrition.

Furthermore, satiety-promoting and satisfaction-enhancing ingredients are included in Farmina VetLife Obesity Dog Dry Food to help dogs feel content after meals. This can lessen excessive begging or overindulging, which will make it simpler to follow a feeding schedule and efficiently control calorie intake.

Farmina VetLife Obesity Dog Dry Food Features:

Weight management: The special formulation of Farmina VetLife Obesity Dog Dry Food is designed to assist dogs who are overweight or obese in losing weight. Dogs can progressively lose excess weight in a healthy way thanks to the calorie content that is controlled.
High-quality Proteins: During weight loss, this dry food’s high-quality animal protein sources, like fish or chicken, help maintain lean muscle mass. Dogs need a sufficient amount of protein in their diet to stay healthy and energetic.
Low Fat Content: Farmina VetLife Obesity Dog Dry Food’s low-fat recipe helps cut calories without sacrificing vital nutrients. It promotes lean body mass and prevents fat accumulation, which helps a healthy weight loss plan.

The ingredients that follow are the contents of Farmina VetLife Obesity Dog Food: linseed, hydrolyzed fish protein, dried beet pulp, oats, dehydrated chicken protein, fish oil, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, and monocalcium phosphate. Sources of carbohydrates: oats and spelt.

EPA 0.10%, DHA 0.12%, sodium 0.30%, potassium 0.70%, magnesium 0.13%, starch 24.00%, total sugar 1.90%, crude protein 22.00%, crude fat 6.20%, crude fibers 7.80%, crude ash 7.80%, calcium 1%, phosphorus 0.80%, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids 0.25% and 1.20%, respectively. This is a guaranteed analysis of Farmina VetLife Obesity Dog Food.


PLEASE NOTE: It’s crucial to remember that managing weight should be done under a veterinarian’s supervision. The precise feeding recommendations and guidelines might change depending on the weight, age, and general health of your dog. routine observation and discussion with a



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