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EveryDawg Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken, Rice & Vegetables



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Product Description

Wiggles EveryDawg™ dry food for puppies (2-21 months) is an energy dense meal that meets all of the nutritional requirements of growing puppies. Puppies need more protein and fat for the proper development of their bodies and minds and this range has 26% protein for optimum growth. EveryDawg is fortified with superfoods like carom seeds, flaxseed, cumin powder, black pepper, hemp powder, fish oil, and flaxseed. They help with the healthy growth of muscles, skin, coat, brain, and bones. Essential vitamins and minerals boost the puppy’s immunity. Everydawg™ has all the ingredients to keep your puppy strong and energetic. Most importantly, it’s vet approved.

Made with finest protein
combined with vegetables high in fiber, such as pumpkin, papaya, black pepper, and rosemary, which support the development of a healthy digestive tract
Rich in minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A, D3, E, and B complex
enhanced with superfoods like as yucca extract, flaxseed, cumin powder, carom seeds, and hemp powder to give your developing dog the nutrition and immunity he needs.
3650 Kcal per kg.
Absence of additional sugar
Avoid gluten
Safe preservative-free

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