Basil Temptation Tasty Chicken Treat Strips for Dog & Puppies

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Product Description

Basil Temptation Chicken Strips are prepared with premium chicken breast. You may treat your dog to the mouthwatering protein source that canines inherently want: the rich, meaty flavor of real chicken. Vitamin E and A are added to the treats to help with digestion and give your pet a more lustrous coat. It doesn’t contain any of the extras you don’t want, such as grains, by-product meals, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, but it does have everything you’d expect from a high-quality treat. The mouthwatering, delectable snack, Basil Temptation Chicken Strips, is ideal for indulging the entire pack.

Features of Basil Temptation Chicken Strips:

  • The first ingredient in these treats is delectable chicken protein, which has a flavor and scent that dogs naturally adore.
  • A high-protein snack that delivers 55% protein to maintain energy and supply necessary amino acids is the ideal on-the-go training reward.
  • Contains Vitamins A and E for improved digestion and luxuriant skin and fur.
  • These bite-sized goodies are ideal for any time and anywhere treating because they are portable and small enough to fit in your pocket.

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1 review for Basil Temptation Tasty Chicken Treat Strips for Dog & Puppies

  1. Prachi Kamdar

    I have been ordering from whiskee Pet Zone from past 06 month

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