PetenCare Pressed Bones 5 inch 3pcs


  • 100% Natural Rawhide
  • Low-fat Content
  • High in Protein
  • Important proteins, vitamins, and minerals
  • Pressed bones are the ideal treat for your precious chewing delight, strengthening your pets’ teeth & gums as well as satisfying their natural need to chew
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3pcs/ 5 inch


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Product Description

PetenCare Pressed Bones 5 inch Dog Chew Treat are made from crunchy low-fat 100% natural buffalo rawhide and can help your dog’s dental hygiene. These chewy bones will help in strengthening the teeth and gums. Additionally, it is good for your pet’s oral well-being. Pressed Bones are a delicious, natural treat between meals.

These tasty chew snacks are a great addition to your dog’s daily meals. Gnawing and chewing on things is a part of your dog’s daily activities and this delicious natural snacks encourage this instinct. These bones are made from edible material so are absolutely safe for the dogs health. The sealed pack keeps the bones safe saving them from any contamination.


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