Whiskas Chicken Gravy Adult Cat Wet Food


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Weight, Pack
85 g/ Pack of 12
Whiskas Chicken in Gravy Adult Wet Cat Food - 85 g (Pack of 12)

Original price was: ₹ 600.00.Current price is: ₹ 540.00.

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Product Description

Whiskas Chicken in Gravy Wet Meal offers complete nutrition crafted for your adult cat’s overall well-being. This balanced cat food is not just a meal; it’s a flavorful experience designed to meet your cat’s daily nutritional requirements, providing essential vitamins, minerals, and the right moisture for a healthy and joyous life.


  • Irresistible Texture and Aroma: Whiskas wet food is carefully crafted to appeal to feline palates, attracting even the most finicky eaters for a satisfying and enjoyable mealtime.
  • Chicken in Gravy Delight: Packed with flavorful chicken chunks immersed in a delectable gravy, this cat food is a rich source of proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, ensuring your cat stays both fit and content.
  • Urinary Tract Health: The gravy format is not only easy to digest but also promotes urinary tract health due to its high moisture content, keeping your cat’s vital systems in top condition.

Analytical Constituents (%):

  • Crude Protein: 8%
  • Moisture: 84%
  • Crude Fat: 7%
  • Crude Fibers: 0.3%
  • Crude Ash (%): 1.7%

Key Features:

  • Complete and Balanced Nutrition: Whiskas ensures your cat receives all the necessary nutrients in the right proportions for a well-rounded diet.
  • Moisture and Nourishment: The wet cat food recipe provides essential moisture, contributing to your cat’s hydration and overall nourishment.
  • Urinary Tract Health: Specifically designed to promote urinary tract health, thanks to its high moisture content.
  • Healthy Eyesight: Whiskas cat food is formulated to contribute to your cat’s eyesight, ensuring their overall visual health.
  • Easy to Eat and Digest: Ideal for treating your cat or serving as a regular meal, this cat food is easy to eat and digest.
  • Tempting Aroma for Fussy Eaters: The tempting aroma and flavorful nature of Whiskas Chicken in Gravy effectively attracts even the most discerning eaters.

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