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Farmina Vet Life Gastrointestinal Wet Cat Food – 85g

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  • Weight: 85gm
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85 g/ Pack of 2


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Product Description

Farmina Vet Life Gastrointestinal Wet Cat Food  is a complete dietetic food for cats. It is a great preventive measure for acute intestinal absorptive disorders, maldigestion and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

Farmina Vet Life Gastrointestinal is a highly digestible food due to the natural ingredients it is made up of. It is especially indicated for subjects with indigestion and intestinal absorption disorders.

Key Benefits of Farmina Vet Life Gastrointestinal Wet Cat Food

  • It is an all-natural veterinary therapeutic diet for cats
  • The quality of the ingredients used guarantees a highly digestible diet
  • MOS and FOS are prebiotics that help the correct development of intestinal flora and facilitate nutrients absorption
  • The soluble fiber helps the recovery of normal intestinal motility
  • Omega-3 are essential fatty acids with anti-inflammatory and protective action for intestinal mucosa
  • Vitamins and electrolytes added for the reconstitution of cellular homeostasis after prolonged diarrhea
  • Contains only natural antioxidants, thus allowing a natural preservation of the product
  • Low Glycemic index food, which modulate perfectly the postprandial glycemic response
  • Packed in protective atmosphere to avoid fats oxidation and preserve freshness of the product
  • Without GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Ingredients of Farmina Vet Life Gastrointestinal Wet Cat Food

Dehydrated chicken meat, rice, animal fat, corn gluten, linseed, spelt, hydrolysed animal proteins, dehydrated fish, dried beetroot pulp, fish oil, dehydrated whole eggs, pea fiber, vegetable oil, psyllium seeds, potassium chloride, brewer’s dried yeast, inulin (0.6%), fructooligosaccharides (0.6%), mannanoligosaccharides (0.6%), potassium chloride, sodium chloride, monosodium phosphate, calcium sulphate dihydrate, Marigold extract (source of lutein). Source of mucilaginous substances: psyllium seeds.

Nutritional Additives per kg:

Vitamin A 22000IU; Vitamin D3 1500IU; Vitamin E 600mg; Vitamin C 300mg; niacin 150mg; pantothenic acid 50mg; Vitamin B2 20mg; Vitamin B6 8mg; Vitamin B1 12mg; Vitamin H 1.5mg; folic acid 1.5mg; Vitamin B12 0.10mg; choline chloride 3000mg; beta-carotene 1.5mg; zinc chelate of the analogous methionine hydroxylase 725mg; manganese chelate of the analogous methionine hydroxylase 385mg; ferrous chelate of glycine hydrate 185mg; copper chelate of the analogous methionine hydroxylase 60mg; selenomethionine 60mg; calcium iodate anhydrous 2.4mg; DL-methionine 7000mg; taurine 2500mg; L-carnitine 500mg. Technological additives: microcrystalline cellulose. Antioxidants: tocopherol-rich extracts of natural origin 10mg.

Analytical Constituents of Farmina Vet Life Gastrointestinal Wet Cat Food

Raw protein 33.00%; raw oils and fats 21.50%; raw fiber 1.70%; raw ashes 7.30%; calcium 1.00%; phosphorus 0.90%; sodium 0.50%; potassium 0.90%; magnesium 0.09%; Omega-6 fatty acids 3.30%; Omega-3 fatty acids 0.60%; EPA 0.15%; DHA 0.30%.

Energy Value:

EM Kcal/Kg 4050 – Mj/Kg 16.94

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  1. Sreenu Shenoy

    Very nice packaging…and delivery was on time

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