Trixie Vico Cat Litter Tray with Dome for Cats


  • Excellent product for cat owners
  • Reduced odour through filter system on top
  • Privacy to your cat
  • Easy swing door for easy access.


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Product Description

Trixie Vico Cat Litter tray with dome is a must have product for all cat lovers. It is large in size and comes with a door, filter and an easily detachable top for easy cleaning. This comes in a vibrant purple and lilac colour. The toilet comes with a big covered container to suit the need of every size of cat. It is recommended to clean all the cat trays at least once a week. You can just lift the top and clean it on regular basis. The Trixie purple and lilac toilet helps you to maintain a neat and clean house and provide your cat its own privacy when using the toilet. The product has been equipped with a swing door for the convenience of your cat. The toilets can be easily equipped with litter tray bags that assist you in cleaning the toilet on regular basis. Features: Excellent product for cat owners. Reduced odour through filter system on top. Privacy to your cat. Easy swing door for easy access.



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