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JerHigh Vegetable and Chicken in Gravy Dog Wet Food – 120g (Pack of 12)

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  • Cured Natural Meat Gravy for Dogs
  • Healthy and digestible reward.
  • Every pet snack is of high quality, making it a perfect addition to your pet’s life
  • Pack of 12 
Pack of 12


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Product Description

JerHigh Vegetable and Chicken in Gravy Dog Wet Food is a premium dog food. It is suitable for all dog breeds and chock full of nutritional value from vitamin E to promote silky fur and skin. It is made from real chicken and vegetables with a delicious gravy.

Chicken will give your pet the necessary animal protein that will ensure a healthy growth in the lean muscles. It is easy to digest and is absorbed well into the body. The gravy food provides your pet the necessary amino acids and essential fatty acids. This will help your pet to maintain a healthy and lustrous coat.

Dogs are more than just a pet to us, and a part of the family. Therefore, we feel they deserve to enjoy healthy and delicious snacks made with REAL chicken meat prepared to the same standards that are important to you. Jerhigh Gravy – Chicken and Vegetables Fine Natural Meat Gravy for Dogs and Healthy and Digestible reward.


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Why Buy Jerhigh Dog Treats ? You are here because your there is a furry friend in your family, and when it comes about family, we all prefer to give them the best. So why not for your dog? Jerhigh, a delicious and healthful dish created with REAL-chicken flesh, is a great way to strengthen relationships. Shop online from our exclusive collection and let your pet enjoy every meal you serve it.

1 review for JerHigh Vegetable and Chicken in Gravy Dog Wet Food – 120g (Pack of 12)

  1. Russel

    good food for dogs I recommended this website for shopping

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