Basil Temptation Chicken Rings

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  • Delicious chicken protein is the first ingredient in these treats for a taste and aroma dogs instinctively crave.
  • High-protein snack makes the perfect on-the-go training reward, delivering 55% protein to keep his energy up and provide essential amino acids.
  • Added with Vitamin A & E for better digestion, luxurious skin and coat
  • Portable and small enough to fit in your pocket, these bite-size dog treats are perfect for on-the-go or anytime treating.
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Product Description

Basil Temptation Chicken Rings are typically made with real chicken breasts as the main ingredient and contain other natural ingredients such as vegetables and fruits. These treats are designed to be tasty and nutritious snacks for dogs, and can be given as a reward for good behavior or simply as a treat. When choosing treats for your dog, it’s a good idea to select Basil Temptation Chicken Rings because they are made with high-quality ingredients and are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Features of Basil Temptation Chicken Rings

  • The main ingredient in Basil Temptation Chicken Rings is typically real chicken, which provides a good source of protein for dogs.
  • These treats contain other natural ingredients such as vegetables and fruits, which provide additional nutritional benefits for dogs.
  • A balanced mix of real chicken and natural ingredients can create a flavorful treat that dogs enjoy.
  • The chewy texture promotes dental health by helping to clean teeth and massage gums.
  • These treats are free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, making them a healthy and wholesome treat option for dogs.

It’s important to remember that while treats like Basil Temptation Chicken Rings can be a great way to reward your dog or provide them with a snack, they should always be given in moderation and as part of a balanced and nutritious diet.

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  1. Aqeela

    My pup loves it.

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