Basil Veg Biscuits for Adult Pets – 900g

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  • Highly Palatable Recipe
  • Rich Source of Protein
  • Easy to Digest
  • Enriched with Vitamins and Minerals for high energy
  • Crispy and crunchy, helpful to clean teeth with every bite
900 gm


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Product Description

Basil Veg Biscuits for Adult Pets (900 g) guarantee all necessary taste and nutritional requirements in every serving. Prepared with the most excellent ingredients, these biscuits are manufactured with the sole purpose of pet well-being. They are baked with love and care under supervision to prevent any loss of nourishment. They are carefully picked for the finest taste and simplicity of acceptance by animals.

Features of Basil Veg Biscuits for Adult Pets – 900g

  • Very Delicious Recipe
  • Rich in Protein and Simple to Digest
  • High in vitamins and minerals for increased energy
  • With each bite, the crisp and crunchy food helps to clean your pet’s teeth

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Founded by a team of pet lovers in 2015, Basil is consistently contributing in building a better ecosystem for pets throughout. The goal of the brand is to establish itself as a household name known for its selection of high-quality products. Materials for Basil products are carefully chosen, put through rigorous testing, and are affordably priced for every type of budget.

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