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Basil Cat Plush Toy with Catnip For Stuffing – Blue

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Product Description

Due to a monotonous existence in the same environment, the majority of cats are housebound and prone to depression or boredom. We will help you with the ideal remedy for this circumstance in order to prevent the low phase and keep a healthy Cat. Basil Cat Plush Toy with Catnip is a naturally occurring grass that gives cats a mental surge of feel-good chemicals when they sniff it or eat it. For certain cats, it also causes them to run, jump, flip, and engage in other excitable behaviors.

Features of Basil Cat Plush Toy with Catnip:

  • Effective to soothe cats of all breeds and sizes.
  • Helpful in preventing cats from developing depression and anxiety issues.
  • The package includes a stuffable plush toy.
  • The Catnip can be resealed in a jar to keep it fresh and potent.



1 review for Basil Cat Plush Toy with Catnip For Stuffing – Blue

  1. Wasim

    best cat toy

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