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Basil Purrfect Coat Cat Shampoo


BASIL has formulated an effective and mild Cat shampoo for your furry friend. The Purrfect Coat shampoo is made using Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil to support the skin conditions of your cat and moisturize the coat with every bath. All the ingredients are carefully selected and the results are just splendid, you get a Clean and Soft Coat of your cat which smells fresh along with reduced shedding.

300 mL


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Founded by a team of pet lovers in 2015, Basil is consistently contributing in building a better ecosystem for pets throughout. The goal of the brand is to establish itself as a household name known for its selection of high-quality products. Materials for Basil products are carefully chosen, put through rigorous testing, and are affordably priced for every type of budget.


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