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Pedigree Gravy Chicken Chunks for Puppy 70gm (Pack of 15)


  • Pedigree Gravy puppy dog food is 100% complete and balanced. Easy to feed, it consists of high-quality ingredients, with the essential nutrition required to keep your pet happy and healthy. You can also add Pedigree Gravy to regular dry pet food or home-cooked food to serve up a meal that your pet will love.
  • Weight – 70gm
  • Pack of 15
Weight, Pack
70 g/ Pack of 15


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Product Description

Pedigree Gravy Chicken Chunks for Puppy is 100% balanced and complete. It is simple to serve and is made of high-quality ingredients with the nutrition your pet needs to stay happy and healthy. To prepare a meal that your pet likes, you can add Pedigree Gravy to conventional dry pet food or home-cooked meals.

Features of Pedigree Gravy Chicken Chunks for Puppy:

  • Contains special vegetable oils for healthy skin and coat.
  • Has high-quality digestible animal Protein from meat & cereals.
  • It contains optimal Calcium levels and the right ratio for Ca:P.
  • Kibble design for chewing and mouth feel – good for dental health.
  • Good source of natural Taurine and other Antioxidants which comes from (fresh) meat.
  • Vitamin E in the food helps in strengthening the dog’s immune system.

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The Pedigree brand offers treats and snacks in addition to dry and canned foods. In and of itself, Pedigree Pet Food is a complete meal. All you need to do is provide your pets with clean, fresh water with each meal. Buy Pedigree Pet Food Online from Whiskee Pet Zone to offer your pets with complete and balanced diet.


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