Petgroom Tick-Kill Powder 100g



Tick dog powder is formulated with natural essential oils that kill fleas and ticks and also prevent them. Essential Tea-Tree oil extracts are known to kill flea, tick larvae and eggs. Our Powder is safe, non-toxic, Sneeze free, sulfate free. Highly Fragrant And Deodorizing. Has A Long Lasting Fragrance!


Fleas and ticks can relentlessly bite your dog leaving them feeling itchy and irritated. Anti-Flea and Tick dog powder is formulated to safely cleanse your pet’s coat, while killing these critters and preventing them from returning. It is important to treat the infested areas as soon as possible to stop the flea life cycle. Our powder can be used with our Anti-Tick dog shampoo throughout the year in order to prevent fleas and ticks from returning.

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100 gm




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