CaptZack PetMe, My Floor Is Sanitized! 500ml

 685.00  582.00

 685.00  582.00

PetMe, My Floor is Sanitized! is a research based unique, alcohol-free disinfectant which effectively keeps floors and surfaces clean and bacteria-free for me to roll over!

  • Step 1
    Dilute 1 part of PetMe, My Floor is Sanitized! floor cleaner with 4 equal parts of water.
    Step 2
    Gently mop the surface. Suitable for all surface types.
  • Rolling and Playing on the floor now is fun and safe!
  • Coconut Extract-It has natural antimicrobial & cleansing properties. It enhances the overall germ-killing activity of the product by creating a synergistic effect with other ingredients
     Anti-microbial properties
     Cleanser
    Maize extract – It has bacteria killing and inhibiting properties. It acts as a non-abrasive scrubbing cleaner for all surfaces and works well to remove all types of stains
     Bacteria-Killing properties
     Removes stains

    • Orchid Extract- It has disinfectant properties along with a refreshing, long lasting floral fragrance
     Disinfectant properties
     Floral Fragrance

    • Lemongrass oil- It inhibits growth of germs & kills them. The soothing citrus note eliminates all types of bad odours, leaving behind a fresh fragrant home
     Germ-Killing properties
     Refreshing smell
    • Lemon Extract – It acts as a natural deodorizer & anti-bacterial agent. It is a natural bleaching agent to clear away the greasy surface stains leaving your floor clean & sparkling
     Natural Deodorizer
     Anti-Bacterial 
     Natural Bleaching Agent

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