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Captzack TazSoothe Itch Relief Spray


TazSoothe Spray provides round-the-clock control of itching with its daily use formula. TazSoothe is an evidence based Topical Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs. It effectively relieves itching and soothes skin inflammation.



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Indications & Use: Dermatological conditions in dogs causes inflammation and pruritis. Safe for long term use in Atopic Dermatitis. A clinical diagnosis made by the veterinarian is essential for the appropriate indication of this remedy. Safe for puppies six week and above

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The goal of Captain Zack, a range of safe pet care and hygiene products, is to provide your canine friend with the most relaxing experience possible without causing any adverse reactions. With absolutely no dangerous chemicals or materials to guarantee pets that are content, glossy, and well-groomed. Select the premium CaptZack products from our store and avail attractive discounts. 


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