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Basil Dry Bath Foam Shampoo


Basil Moisturizing Foam Shampoo is formulated keeping in mind your pets coat condition and is thus balanced with additional moisturizing effect. Basil has worked on a special blend using Geranium and Rosemary essential oils utilizing their natural characteristics along with the natural freshness added into the product. Being a waterless dry shampoo your pet can be cleaned instantly any time whenever and wherever needed.



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Product Description

  • Moisturizes the coat to make it silky soft
  • Antibacterial characteristic of Geranium oil makes it beneficial for puppies and pets with sensitive skin
  • Rosemary oil helps to avoids skin infection and keeps the coat healthy
  • Has a calming effect on your pet because of aroma oils.
  • Best for small and new born puppies who are under vaccination.

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Founded by a team of pet lovers in 2015, Basil is consistently contributing in building a better ecosystem for pets throughout. The goal of the brand is to establish itself as a household name known for its selection of high-quality products. Materials for Basil products are carefully chosen, put through rigorous testing, and are affordably priced for every type of budget.


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