Smart Heart A-Pro Puppy Grilled Liver


  • It contains calcium and phosphorus that make bones and teeth strong.
  • Vitamin E and Selenium support the strong immune system.
  • Choline enhances the brain and nervous system.
  • Essential nutrition.
  • Fiber-balanced formula: for healthy digestion.
  • Milk Plus.
  • Balanced and nutritious diet.


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Product Description

Smart Heart A-Pro Puppy Grilled Liver has a healthy combination of protein, fibers, and fats for giving the pets a nutritionally complete diet. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are important fatty acids in the food for nourishing the skin and coat of your dog. The bird food consists of extruded kibbles which makes it easier for them to digest. Essential vitamins and minerals ensure good reproductive health too.

Features of Smart Heart A-Pro Puppy Grilled Liver

  • It contains calcium and phosphorus that makes bones and teeth strong
  • Vitamin E and Selenium support for the strong immune system
  • Choline enhance brain and nervous system
  • Essential nutrition
  • Fiber-balanced formula : for healthy digestion
  • Milk Plus
  • Balanced and nutritious diet

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Buy Smartheart Dog Food for your pets because to grow properly and develop in a healthy way, they must have a complete and balanced diet. Smartheart Pet foods also helps to enhance brain development, nervous system function and heart health of your pets in a Smart way! To gift your pets a combination of health, nutrition and taste, shop from the latest developments from Smartheart.


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