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Pedigree Puppy Small Dog Lamb Flavor

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  • Pedigree Puppy Small Dog is a complete, balanced and wholesome meal for small breed puppies aged 3-12 months.
  • Small dogs have small mouths and tightly packed teeth, which is why Pedigree.
  • Small Dog is formulated with small kibble which promotes proper chewing and swallowing.


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Product Description

As pups are more prone to illness, Pedigree Puppy Small Dog Lamb Flavor has 23 vitamins and minerals to help them maintain a healthy metabolism. Vitamin E in the food supports their natural defense as well. This dry dog food, which has a delightful lamb flavor, is exactly what your small pet needs.

Features of Pedigree Puppy Small Dog Lamb Flavor

  • Contains special vegetable oils for healthy skin and coat.
  • Contains a special blend of Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) and Zinc for healthy skin & lustrous coat.
  • Has high-quality digestible animal Protein from meat & cereals that helps to support healthy muscles to keep dogs active and agile.
  • Good source of natural Taurine and other Antioxidants which comes from fresh meat.
  • Consists of Vitamin E which helps in strengthening the dog’s immune system.
  • Contains optimal Calcium levels and the right ratio for Ca:P.
  • Unique kibble design helps with easier chewing and improves dental health.
  • Contains 85% fiber content from vegetables and cereals for a bowel movement and results in smaller and firmer stools.

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1 review for Pedigree Puppy Small Dog Lamb Flavor

  1. Rajesh Das

    Good product. Quality is very good. It is good for dog 🐕🐕. Value for money 💰💰. I am very happy 😁😁😊. Quickly delivered 🚚🚚🚚.

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