Farmina Vet Life Joint Canine Formula ( Dry Food For Dog )

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  • 1st all-natural veterinary therapeutic diet for dogs
  • Stimulation of joint cartilage renewal and collagen synthesis
  • Extracts with high antioxidant properties that protect cell damage from free radicals
  • Reduced caloric intake to limit joint damage due to overweight
  • High anti-inflammatory power
  • Addition of soluble carbohydrates induces a feeling of satiety.
  • Contains only natural antioxidants, thus allowing a natural preservation of the product
  • Low Glycemic index food, which modulate perfectly the postprandial glycemic response
  • Packed in protective atmosphere to avoid fats oxidation and preserve freshness of the product
  • Without GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • Developed in collaboration with the chair of Nutrition & Animal Feeding at the University “Federico II” of Naples
  • Cruelty free scientific research
  • Made in Italy


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Product Description

Farmina Vet Life Joint Canine Formula Dog Food

Assists in the treatment of osteoarticular tissue inflammation. Farmina Vet Life Joint is a complete dietary food for adult dogs that assists in the treatment of osteoarticular tissue inflammation.

Mode of Action:

Constituents of cartilage (glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate) promote the reconstruction of cartilage tissue. The simultaneous presence of anti-inflammatory nutrients (EPA and DHA) and of antioxidant substances, assists in drug therapy for joint pain.

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Farmina Vet Life

Get highly effective prescription foods from "Farmina Vet Life" for cats and dogs. The brand holds high reputation for its regular foods, but, when it comes to Vet prescribed diet, this brand leads the charts. This category of pet diet from Farmina holds nutritional composition to aid in a quicker recovery from various ailments in dogs and cats. Select the best for your pet from our exclusive stock available with attractive offers and discounts.

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