Dono Carbon Fiber Pet Training Pee Pad

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  • Super Absorption
  • Dry surface
  • Leak Proof
  • Super Deodorization
  • Size : L – 60X60 cm
  • Size: XL – 60X90cm
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40 Pcs/ L


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Product Description

  • Comes in 3 sizes, offers you more choices to get the one fits your pet best
  • 5-layer of leak-proof protection, helps trap more pet urine for repeat use
  • With carbon technology for odor elimination to ensure your home stays fresh
  • Highly absorbent ensure less mess, locks in moisture to stop leakage

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Browse from our exclusive collection of Dono Pet Supplies that includes products related to the sanitization and hygiene of your pets. Brushes are included with Dono pet diapers so that a cat or dog's fur can be comfortably smoothed out while extra hair is being lost. There are numerous cleansers and shampoos that can readily remove filth and kill fleas and ticks. Find clippers to use for trimming your pet's hair. It is simple to clean up after a cat that has recently used the restroom using the kitty litter.

1 review for Dono Carbon Fiber Pet Training Pee Pad

  1. Vikram Singh

    This product so amazing for my pet

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