WPZ E-Collar for Dog


  • Protective plastic collar with clip lock
  • Transparent lampshade look
  • Also suitable for dog & cat
1 / 65cm


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Product Description

  • [FUNCTION]  pet recovery cone is a professional and effective tool for postoperative cats and dogs. It prevents them from licking and biting incisions and helps them recover faster and better. It can also be used in pet grooming and skin disease treatment.
  • [MATERIAL] It is mainly made of high-quality translucent soft and flexible plastic, it can be rolled into a cone to Keep your pet’s head and body separate. Its edges are covered with cotton flannel, which makes it comfortable for pets to wear.
  • [SIZE and WEIGHT] 9 sizes from XXXS to XXXL for choices. You can always find the right size for your pet. You can first measure the size of your pet, then compare it with our size chart, finally choose the appropriate size. Its weight is very light. Pets can move normally with it.
  • [USAGE METHOD] Put the inner ring of this pet recovery collar close to the pet’s neck and roll it into a cone, then stick the Velcro on. The large area of Velcro makes the cone firmly fixed on the pet’s neck. You can fine tune the size by adjusting the adhesive area of the Velcro. Make sure it is in a comfortable state, not too tight to hurt the pet’s neck, and not too loose to escape.
  • [DURABLE] This pet recovery cone is difficult to be damaged by scratching of dogs and cats. It can be used repeatedly and has long service life. But it’s plastic. Please stay away from fire.

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