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Pedigree Dog Chews DentaStix Oral Care Weekly Pack


  • Did you know that 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of three suffer from gum disease? PEDIGREE Dentastix is an effective daily oral care dog chew treat that is scientifically proven to help reduce tartar build-up in your dog’s teeth by up to 80%. Pedigree DentaStix is available for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes – Small, Medium & Large.
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Product Description

Too much plaque and tartar accumulation cause oral health issues.  80% of dogs above the age of 3 suffer from dental disease. This tartar accumulation is reduced by regular use of Pedigree Dog Chews DentaStix Oral Care Weekly Pack. As your pet chews on the sticks, the ‘X’ shape, and textured surface help scrape off plaque and tartar.

Features of Pedigree Dog Chews DentaStix Oral Care Weekly Pack:

  • Dental care Dog treats for your pet dog’s strong teeth
  • Clinically proven to reduce tartar build-up greatly
  • Unique x-shape & abrasive texture helps clean between teeth
  • Contains Zinc Sulphate & Sodium Tripolyphosphate as active ingredients
  • Available for Small, Medium, and Large dog breeds

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The Pedigree brand offers treats and snacks in addition to dry and canned foods. In and of itself, Pedigree Pet Food is a complete meal. All you need to do is provide your pets with clean, fresh water with each meal. Buy Pedigree Pet Food Online from Whiskee Pet Zone to offer your pets with complete and balanced diet.


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