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For your cherished pets, Basil Chicken Fries are completely gluten-free and rawhide-free treats. Our fries are healthier and are made to last longer. Fries produced with only a few ingredients are incredibly tasty, easy to digest, and wonderful. Basil Chicken Fries promote chewing and, over time, aid in reducing tartar buildup and controlling plaque.

Features of Basil Chicken Fries for Pets:

  • Limited ingredient treats made free from Gluten, Soy, or Rawhide.
  • Better nutrition is offered with added Vitamin E and Rosemary extract for better gut functionality.
  • Limited ingredients make these treats nutritious, low-fat, and easily digestible.
  • These long-lasting Fries help in dental cleaning by constantly chewing on them.

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Founded by a team of pet lovers in 2015, Basil is consistently contributing in building a better ecosystem for pets throughout. The goal of the brand is to establish itself as a household name known for its selection of high-quality products. Materials for Basil products are carefully chosen, put through rigorous testing, and are affordably priced for every type of budget.

1 review for Basil Chicken Fries for Pets

  1. Rakesh

    my bruno is a fussy dog he just loved these chicken fries

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