WPZ Pet Cat and Kitten Flight Carriers

From:  2,150.00 From:  1,720.00

From:  2,150.00 From:  1,720.00
  • For the security and comfort for your pet
  • Training
  • Prevents from destructive chewing
  • Intensification of house rules and boundaries
  • Safer options for travel
  • Trouble-free cleaning
  • For the protection of your pet
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Whiskee pet Zone carriers are a range of front opening carriers made of plastic with metal doors. The carrier is made to comfortably transport dogs. Apart from transportation, these carriers can also be used to secure your pets in crowded locations or even to train them at home. In the case of troublemaking dogs, these carriers can be used to resolve behavioral problems. It can also serve as a safe keep for recuperating dogs.


18 inches, 22 inches


Flight Carriers


brown, Sky blue


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