Slicker Brush with Auto Cleaning for Dog and Cat

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  • Quickly grooms cat, dogs, small animals  – wet or dry
  • Simple auto-clean feature – just push button to release hair
  • Gentle round-tip bristles work wonders for pets with sensitive skin
  • Comfortable curved handle grip in case your dog wants to be groomed for hours


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Product Description

Scoobee Slicker Brush with Auto Cleaning for Dog and Cat is best for pet grooming needs and is a life saver product in deseeding season. It is easy to clean because the brush comes with a self cleaning option on the push of a button. Therefore, this is a must have thing for all you Pet Lovers out there. Moreover, this easy-to-use grooming tool is perfect for gently and effectively removing even the most stubborn of tangles and knots from your pet’s undercoat.

The pets become an important part in people’s life, but it takes lot of time and money for parenting them. Our store presents a wide variety of material who strives to make it easier for you to get your hands on all things that your pet will love.

For the grooming of your pet you will definitely require the Pets friendly Dog Cat Grooming Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Comb Shedding Tool For Pets.

What makes it Best for Pet Parents?

  • It is ideal for all breeds of pet that you have at your home.
  • It is very gentle, safe and easy to use/clean and disinfect.
  • It removes debris & loose hair from your cats and dogs and makes easy to clean your pet s hair.
  • It is made of durable plastic material.

Slide your thumb forward and the built up hair is removed from the brush; release your thumb and continue grooming. Remember to brush your pet s coat before giving him or her a bath as water will tighten an existing mats and make them harder to remove.

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  1. Christi M

    best product

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