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Product Description

Smarty Pet Leather-Spike Harness For Dog is the ideal accessory for both pets and pet owners. When dogs are eager to be near nature or when they are about to meet a new animal buddy, they frequently pull a lot!

When that happens, our dog harness is the ideal addition. The Smarty Pet Leather Spike Dog Harness’ no-pull design feature allows you better control over your dog when it pulls out of excitement.

By fastening the leash to the front, your dog will now turn around whenever he or she pulls rather than moving forward and pulling on the leash! This incredibly stylish dog harness will teach your dog to stop pulling on leashes.

Features of Smarty Pet Leather-Spike Harness For Dog

  • The chest straps have two fixed positions and can be worn in two ways:
    • Fixed in the chest, they can be worn while moving a ball, plane, or chewing on a bone
    • Fastened on the back, they can be worn while running, jumping, or fetching.
  • Easy adjustable chest strip hook and loop fasteners bar
  • Made of high-quality PU leather
  • Heavy Duty metal D ring with high tensile strength making it break free

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Smarty Pet

The main goal of Smarty Pet Products is to provide you with pet products of the highest quality at the most affordable costs. The team carefully selects products for you that are of the highest calibre yet will be within your budget. We think that high quality doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. And the fact that we are here shows that pet parents anywhere can get international excellence at affordable pricing.


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