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Purepet Biscuit 100% Veg Jar – 905gm


  • Brand:  PUREPET
  • Item Form:  Dry
  • Breed Recommendation:  All Dog Breeds
  • Ingredients:  Rice flour, Wheat flour, Vegetable, Permitted emulsifier, Antioxidants, Soya oil, Minerals and VitaminsRice flour, Wheat flour, Vegetable, Permitted emulsifier, Antioxidants, Soya oil, Minerals, and Vitamins
  • Weight: 905 gm
905 g


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Product Description

Purepet Biscuit 100% Veg Jar is a wonderful way to bond with and train your pet from an early age. This treat is a great addition to meals that your pet will enjoy and that will keep them full. The appealing bone-shaped, crunchy-textured biscuits smell wonderful to your pet and encourage them to eat the entire bag. They support dental health and are prepared without the use of artificial colours or tastes. To ensure that they develop a liking for such delicacies and are more playful, we advise beginning these 100% vegetarian biscuits early on.

Features of Purepet Biscuit 100% Veg Jar

  • A worthy treat with sourced ingredients
  • Natural and Oven baked biscuits
  • Protein-packed treat, palatable enough for even the pickiest dogs
  • Holds a crunchy texture
  • Helps to remove plaque & reduces tartar build up and bad breath
  • has a perfect combination of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
  • Promotes healthy skin and lustrous coat
  • Contains Vitamins and Minerals necessary for your pet to stay active and healthy

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Proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats are all provided in the right amounts in Purepet Dog and Cat Food, together with vitamins and minerals. These nutrients support your pet's general health while also giving them energy and stamina. By selecting the best food for your pet, you can join the tribe of intelligent pet parents. We are prepared to assist you with order placement and quick delivery!


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