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N and D Farmina Matisse Chicken Mousse Wet Cat Food 85gm


  • Matisse
  • Complete nutrition food for adult cats.
  • Weight: 85gm
Weight, Pack
85 g/ Pack of 6


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Product Description

N and D Farmina Matisse Chicken Mousse Wet Adult Cat Food is a fully nourished diet for adult cats that contains Italian chicken that is grown in the open (with a diet made without GMO), thus the raw material has a high protein content that makes the digestibility rate up to 95%.

It contains taurine that helps in improving eyesight. Matisse chicken mousse contains vitamin E that helps in improving skin and fur. It contains various vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin D3, copper sulfate pentahydrate, etc that helps in improving overall growth.


Chicken , herring, chicken liver, hydrolysed animal protein, rice, vitamins, minerals.

Nutritional additives:

Vitamin A 4000IU, Vitamin D3 400IU, Vitamin E 130mg, Taurine (800mg/kg).

Analytical Compounds:

Moisture 78.0%, crude protein 11.0%, crude fibres 0.5%, crude oils and fats 7.0%, crude ash 3.0%.

Energy Value:

EM Kcal/Kg 997,5 – Mj/Kg 4,17

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Farmina N&D is a unique food line with a carnivorous nutritional structure created to mimic the meals that dogs and cats would find in the wild. Quinoa, Chicken and Pomegranate, Pumpkin, Lamb and Blueberry, Quail, and many other tasty and nutritious ingredients are used to make Farmina N&D dog food and Farmina N&D cat food. You can choose from a variety of Farmina, Farmina N&D, and Farmina Vet Life food alternatives in the Whiskee Pet Zone online store.


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