Purepet Cat Litter Clumping Lavender Fragrance

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  • Purepet Lavender scented clumping formula which is made with natural lavender oil.
  • It is ideal for cat parents who prefer the cat litter to be scented and obsessed with pets.


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Product Description

Natural lavender oil is used to formulate Purepet Cat Litter Clumping Lavender Fragrance, which is perfect for cat owners who prefer their cat litter to have a scent. Pets are our obsession here at Whiskee Pet Zone. We put an emphasis on giving your pets real nutrition that is convenient and easily accessible for all pet parents.

Features of Purepet Cat Litter Clumping Lavender Fragrance

  • Pet and People friendly
  • Outstanding odour control with Longlasting Lavender fragrance
  • Processed from selected natural bentotine
  • super absorbent of liquids
  • 99% chemical and dust free

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Proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats are all provided in the right amounts in Purepet Dog and Cat Food, together with vitamins and minerals. These nutrients support your pet's general health while also giving them energy and stamina. By selecting the best food for your pet, you can join the tribe of intelligent pet parents. We are prepared to assist you with order placement and quick delivery!

1 review for Purepet Cat Litter Clumping Lavender Fragrance

  1. Tony

    Best pet shop in Kolkata with best discount đź‘Ť and quality products

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