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Arden Grange Adult Cat Chicken


  • Quantity: 400 g & 2kg, 4kg
  • Type: Dry food.
  • Complete super premium pet food for normally active adult cats.
  • The unique blend of cat food with nutrients
  • Natural supplement to help & promote optimum health.


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Product Description

A complete, super premium pet food for normally active adult cats. Generous helpings of fresh chicken provides a highly digestible source of protein and a delicious meal for eve the fussiest of felines.

Free from grains and cereals to more closely reflect a cats natural diet, while providing the balanced nutrition required for our domesticated feline friends.
Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Containing a unique blend of nutrients and natural supplements to help promote the optimum health, vitality and condition of your pet. Including prebiotics to aid digestion, joint supplements, taurine for a healthy heart, sight and nervous system; essential fatty acids to help promote a healthy skin and coat, cranbeerry extract for urinary tract health, natural fibres to help prevent fur balls.

Naturally hypoallergenic – free from wheat-gluten, beef, soya or dairy products.
Always ensure fresh, clean drinking water is available.

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Arden Grange

Arden Grange Cat and Dog Food are not only of super premium quality, they are highly digestible pet foods, and also extremely palatable ones. The protein and crabs in this range of pet foods are extracted from the ingredients of real chicken meat, chicken oil, whole dried eggs, fish meal, fish oil, and vegetable extracted vitamins. Arden Grange Pet Food is suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds and age.


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