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Sheba Cat Treats Melty Premium


  • Type – Cat Treats
  • Quantity – 48 grams
  • Suitable – Cats
  • Flavor – Tuna & Tuna-Seafood
  • Dosage – 2 Sticks per day
Sheba Melty Maguro Tuna & Seafood Flavour Cat Treat


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Product Description


  • This is a non-vegetarian product.
  • A complimentary cat treats with high palatability and taste.
  • Irresistible flavor and creamy texture to keep cat indulged.
  • Sleek sticks let you ‘feed by hand’ for a bonding moment.
  • Helps to close the distance with your pet cat.
  • Contains Tuna & Tuna-Seafood flavors.
  • A complimentary cat snack suited for all life stages.



Just roll with Sheba Cat Food and Treats and give your kitties an irresistibly fresh meal every peel. These are the meaty cat treats for a moment they’ll be powerless to resist. Select from our updated stock to feed the best to your feline companion.


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